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Apache APISIX Helm Chart


To install the chart with release name apisix:

helm repo add apisix
helm repo update
helm install apisix apisix/apisix --create-namespace --namespace apisix

Start By One Line#

To quickly experience Apache APISIX related components like Apache APISIX Dashboard and Apache APISIX Ingress Controller. For a quick installation, start by one line:

helm repo add apisix && helm repo update && helm upgrade --install apisix apisix/apisix --create-namespace  --namespace apisix --set dashboard.enabled=true --set ingress-controller.enabled=true --set ingress-controller.config.apisix.serviceNamespace=apisix

The latest APISIX Dashboard are not compatible with APISIX 3.x.


To uninstall/delete the apisix release:

helm uninstall apisix

Seeking help#