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Version: 1.3.0


ApisixTls associates with a Kubernetes Secret resource and generates an APISIX SSL object. It asks the Secret must have two keys cert and key, which used to store the certificate and private key in PEM format respectively.

kind: ApisixTls
name: sample-tls
name: htpbin-cert
namespace: default

Note the hosts field should be written carefully, it's used by Apache APISIX to match the correct certificate, what's more, it also should be matched with the Server Name Indication extension in TLS, or the TLS handshaking might fail.

The apisix-ingress-controller will watch Secret resources that referred by ApisixTls objects, once a Secret changed, apisix-ingress-controller will re translate all referred ApisixTls objects, converting them to APISIX SSL resources ultimately.